Friday, August 25, 2006

Philips Unveils PX100/200 Answer

Philips has been known for only decent quality headphones. Nothing too exuberant or over the top, just good, quality cans. They struck a cord with many music-goers with their HP460 headphones, which I plan to review soon. They have great detail and some prefer them to the coveted AKG K81DJs.

Enough introduction. The Sennheiser Px100 is considered by many as the best cheap portable phone. The clarity of the mids, nice punchy bass, and great highs make the sound wonderful. Philips has released the SHL9500, sporting a remarkably similar look and folding design - except $20 cheaper from most retailers, but don't let the price cloud your judgement. The Px100 is an open phone, not the best for subway rides, whereas te SHL9500 is closed, making it a clear competitor ot the closed, PX200 can. Time will tell if these phones could become the new "flavour of the month".
Buy them for $16.12 from

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