Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dyne busts out Tuny 9 and Tuny 11 sexy flash DAPs

We got our pun on with the Tuny 8 from DYNE last year, and now it's been joined by the Tuny 9 and Tuny 11 for a full-on pun extravaganza. The Tuny 9 (pictured) isn't quite as "tuny" as its Tuny 11 sibling (pictured after the break), but with its extra girth it manages 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities with a 2-inch 176 x 220 pixel display and 0.55-inches of thickness. There's also 18 hours of battery life -- 8 hours during video playback -- plenty of codec support, FM radio and line-in recording, TV out and Bluetooth. The Tuny 11 is a bit less exciting, with a 1.7-inch 128 x 160 screen, and none of that TV out or Bluetooth nonsense, but it manages the same capacities with a mere 0.3-inches of thickness. The design is nothing incredibly unique, but it's pretty sexy all the same. Unfortunately, we don't have a word on price or availability for either of these, and we probably won't be seeing 'em outside of Korea anytime soon anyways.
From Dapreview

Best Buy - I actually had a good experience with DAP returns! :o

Ok. First things first. Timeout from all the technical mumbo-jumbo for a "consumer relations" experience. So I have had my Zen Vision: M for about 3 months, until it croaked unexpectedly around December 20th. I said fine, at least I got the warranty. So I walk on over to Best Buy and tell them the story. Long story short, after a bit of a hard time (the typical BB return policy), I walk out with a new ZVM. Great. I take that home, plug it in my laptop, the thing doesn’t startup. So I just leave it there, go eat some lunch, come back, and still nothing. Turns out this thing was DOA (dead on arrival). AH! I was angry with BB at this point. I marched back in there and told them the story. It was December 22nd, and there was a HUGE, I mean HUGE customer service line. The customer service reps looked pretty stressed. Bottom Line, I said I’m not going home with another ZVM, two have already been defective. So the girl at the cash, who was just trying to get through the whole line of returns, makes me a sweet offer…pick any DAP I want and if it is less they would even refund the difference! THIS IS NOT PART OF THE WARRANTY. So, knowing my DAPs, I go out and pick up the dreaded, yes dreaded, Ipod 5.5G, s it is the closest competitor to the ZVM. It costs about $60 less, so I use the extra money to get an iSkin silicon case and an FM transmitter…

Moral of the story…return your electronics when there are tons of people in line and the customer service reps are under a lot of stress…their so much easier to deal with!