Friday, August 25, 2006

DIY: Release the Painful Vice-Like Grip from the AKG K81DJ.

There has been tons of buzz around the new(ish) AKG K81 DJs the last few month. The sound is excellent for the price ($55). And although they cost twice as much as the PX 100s, they are definitely better. The K81s are very clear in addition to having loads of 3-D depth in the sound. The bass is certainly present, but not over-powering as one might think from "DJ" branded headphones (unlike the smaller AKG K 26 P), and have a very nice balance of highs and lows.

The main problem? These cans grip your head like some sort of life-sized vice-grip, and don't let off. Many people have reluctantly returned them because of this major comfort issue. But, albeit with some research, here is how you can release the grip and make these cans much more comfortable.

Mod #1: Stretch the band out to release death-grip!
Step 1: Make sure the pads are facing one another and touching.
Step 2: Pull off the rubber on the headband (pulls back on when done), and reveal the metal band printed with “AKG”.
Step 3: Under the white lettering saying K81DJ on the headband, use both hands on both sides to push each side of the headband towards each other. You’ll notice the metal at the top bending and if you do it excessively forming a little hump.
Step 4: When finished and satisfied, pull the rubber back on from step one, and voila!

Mod #2 – Remove thick foam pads over drivers to open treble and clarity:
Covering the both drivers, there is a very thick foam pad. Problem with this is that it absorbs frequency and muffles the treble and mids of the K81s significantly. So simply remove the foam pads and the clarity will increase greatly, you’ll hear the difference.

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