Thursday, September 14, 2006

Zune Poised to Make First Appearence Tomorrow!

Finally! According to Seattle Weekly, the suits at Redmond are finally ready to unveil their closely-guarded pet project to the world at an invite-only press event, where the WiFi-sportin', video-playin', friend-makin' Zune will have its first public appearance. Since we already know so much, though, what can we really expect to learn at the press conference? Well we'll be looking out for the little things, such as codec and DRM support, definitive pricing and release information, whether or not Bill G will make an appearance in a black turtleneck, and most importantly, what kind of headphones will be bundled in the package -- oh wait, we know that too.

For those of you who missed the specs of Zune, here's what we're expecting:

$299.99 pricetag
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) connectivity

30 GB Hard Drive

3.75 inch video LCD

White, Black, and Chocolate Colors

FM Radio
TV output connectivity
Dedicated song download site
DJ Mode (broadcast what you are listening to)

After Apple's disspointing new generation iPods, Zune has a great chance to capitalize and sweep those in dismay from the lackluster new iPod. Not that the iPod isn't good, but when rumours are going around of a new, truly video PMP, an iPhone and such, the old, normal, boring deisgn of the flagship 5.5G iPod just doesn't cut it anymore. Time will tell!

As the Zune release date approaches keep the site bookmarked Ctrl +D for the latest news, information and where to buy Zune for yourself

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