Saturday, August 26, 2006

Philips HP460 vs Audio Technica ATH-FC7

Let the battle of cheap, portable, closed cans rage on! The HP460s, made by Philips, has beautiful detail and midrange for headphones in this price range. The bass is deep, but like most cheap phones, a little sloppy. This leads to clouding of some of the mids, but make no mistake, they're definitely there. Highs are not too tamed, but not shrill either - just the right combination for headphones of this price range. They fit very well on the head, and are quite comfortable for extended listening sessions.

ATH-FC7s, another closed can, typically costs about $10 more at $43. One thing - these things hurt your ears. The pads are too thin, not nearly enough padding. The driver also sits close to your ear, making it uncomfortable for long listening sessions. Bass is definitely overpowering with these cans, more so then the HP460s. Overall it’s just a little "all over the place". On the plus, they are easy to drive at 35 ohms, making it good for portable use.

Overall, the HP460s win out in sound quality and comfort, and the FC7s are just a bit smaller and more portable. Skip the FC7s; go for the HP460s if you can, they're cheaper too!

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