Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Philips GoGear SA1335 Flash

Philips recently unveiled its new 1GB SA1335 mirror-surfaced flash player. The player provides up to 12 hours of MP3, WAV, or WMA playback on its non-removable lithium polymer battery.

Like most DAPs these days, it comes with an FM tuner, voice recorder, and direct USB 2.0 connectivity (no cable required). Not bad for $100.

Included is a customizable EQ, as well as very respectable sound quality. The GUI interface could use some work, the processor often bogs down and is unresponsive at times. Above all, it doesn't remeber the track you previously played when you turned it off - a bit annoying. A good offering overall.


F said...

hi there!well i am from greece and i would like to buy this mp3 but i can't fint it.i tried to buy it from the internet but the e-shops, which they have it, are only shipping in the USA.can you please give me a hand?
thank you

Anonymous said...

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